Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pho 14 expanding, Grand Re-Opening on or after September 1, still working on liquor license

Time for more pho! A friend was at Pho 14 today, the popular local pho joint at 1436 Park Road NW, and the person behind the bar told him they're expanding, with a re-opening celebration on or about September 1. This is good news, as the place is tasty and often quite crowded with long waits. It looks like the space will roughly double.

The staffer also said they're still working on their liquor license, which would be great. I could go for a 33 beer with my pho. It's been awhile though since they've been working on it, at least 2009.

The expansion will be next door, as there was some construction there, and they've mentioned that before.

Let's hope it all goes according to plan!

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