Monday, August 22, 2011

More explosions in the neighborhood? This time at 2 am Sunday

I got another email from a reader about an explosion, this time about 2:20 am on Sunday. If you recall, there was a similar one on Wednesday, also with a loud explosion and the smell of gunpowder.

Maybe they're left over 4th of July fireworks? I don't think guns actually make a lot of smoke or smell like gunpowder anymore, do they? Plus gunshots are more like a pop than a boom, in my (limited) experience.

Anybody else notice this?
We were in a cab coming home around 2:20am on Sunday morning and were stopped at a light at about 14th and Girard when there there was an extremely loud explosion or gunfire about two car lengths behind us. We crouched down in our cab and looked around and there appeared to be gunsmoke immediately there, we told the cab driver to floor it and all of the cars around us started speeding up.  I haven't seen anything on the blogs or news about it, do you have any idea what happened?  Our neighbor was walking home about 2 blocks north at the time and he said it sounded like a cannon.  The smoke was right in the center of the street so if someone was shooting I would think they would have had to been standing almost in the middle of the street for it to happen.


  1. the neighborhood savages have learned to build bombs

  2. A lot of white/blue smoke would not indicate gunfire... Unless the hoods are shooting civil war era black powder flint lock or percussion cap rifles loaded with mini-balls. Probably fireworks or a "modified" bomb using parts of firework powder (or a list of other household ingredients -- Anarchist cookbook stuff). Very popular with teenage boys who like to flirt with danger and the possibility of losing a finger, hand, eye, etc...

  3. I should have included that all modern ammo is made with smokeless gunpowder, hence the reason for the explination above.


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