Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Locals working on fixing the busted up Columbia Heights/Park View/Pleasant Plains sign

You may have seen the sign at Georgia and Irving that says "Columbia Heights" and in smaller letters, "Park View" and "Pleasant Plains." It's pretty worse for the wear (see right), but some local residents are aiming to fix it and had a meeting a couple weeks ago. I haven't heard much lately but I am reaching out.
Dear Irving Street Residents,

We will be holding a public meeting on Monday, August 1, at 8 pm in front of the sign at the corner of Georgia and Irving to vote on language for a new neighborhood sign.  We are asking all of you to come out to show your support for changing the sign and to provide your input on which names should be on the sign.  Please come out to show the Advisory Neighborhood Council (ANC) and our Commissioners that we want a new sign!! 

As you may remember, we initially proposed with language consistent with the current sign -- Park View, Columbia Heights, and Pleasant Planes. Unfortunately, our Commissioner chose not to endorse that proposal, preventing the ANC from supporting our application for a public space permit.  Given our ANC Commissioner's opposition, many of our neighbors have worked with other ANC Commissioners to determine what language will be acceptable for the sign. A historical report about the corner of Georgia and Irivng (attached) was written by ANC Commissioner Kent Boese and was accepted by the ANC at its July meeting.  The report contained the following recommendations for the sign's language:

1) "Entering Park View, Leaving Pleasant Plains"
2) "Park View"
3) language welcoming passers by to their street

The meeting will focus on these three language proposals.  While other ideas will certainly be considered, adopting one of the above has the greatest likelihood of gaining ANC support.  

We plan to invite all ANC Commissioners to the meeting, so please come and spread the word to your neighbors, as the more people who attend, the greater weight the ANC will give to our proposal. 

If too many people gather, we will head across the street to Bruce Monroe where there is more space.

Thank you!

The Park View Beautification Crew

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