Thursday, August 11, 2011

Local lingo: going up and down Columbia Heights

Here's some linguistics for you. Something I've noticed on Twitter is that a lot of people say things like "up Columbia Heights" or "down Columbia Heights": as in, they're going up to or down to Columbia Heights. There's a couple examples above from the last few hours. Not sure when people should use up instead of down, maybe it means north or south?

In any case, kind of an interesting local way of saying it. I like it.

I looked around and saw similar constructions for other places in the metro area. Maybe it's part of the DC dialect. Wikipedia says there's something similar in Baltimorese -- "down the ocean" -- or, phonetically "downy ew-shun" meaning going to the ocean.

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  1. Not sure it's local. I heard this all the time in south Philly, when I moved there in 2002. Dropping "to" was quite common. Every weekend, I'd overhear someone talk about "goin' down the shore."


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