Friday, August 19, 2011

D'Vines now selling draft beer in growlers, will grow to 20 lines!

Beer time. D'Vines at 3103 14th Street NW is now selling what they're calling fresh beer to go (FBTG) meaning you bring your own container, like a growler (pictured), and they'll fill it. Right now they have 2 beers, and they plan to expand to 20 (!) different beers. 

What's the difference between beer in a growler and beer in a six pack? It's just like keg beer, so generally fresher -- plus it's pretty fun too. And for those folks who don't have their own, D'Vines will be selling growlers and containers.

Here's more from a recent email:
We have begun our "Fresh Beer To Go" (aka FBTG) journey with a single line. Tomorrow we will introduce a second line.  We will grow to about 20 lines, That's right!, that is 20 beers on draft that you may buy to go and enjoy in the comfort of your own home. 
What will make d'vines special is as always THE OPTIONS, that is in beer brands, styles and most important Packaging, 16oz, 33oz, 64oz: Keep in mind that you may bring your Growler and we will re fill it for you, with the law mandating that they must be SEALED with Heat Shrink Seal, all we ask is a little patience...
Sounds good to me. 


  1. This is great news indeed; just wanted to note that D'Vines is actually at 3103 14th Street, not 13th. Thanks for the report!

  2. Will they also be selling growlers?

  3. Any idea of pricing relative to bottles/cans?

  4. Great, now we can get price raped on beer in even more packages!

  5. I thought d'vines was on 14th.

  6. Ironically, 3103 13th St is an elementary school. Glad to see someone's already corrected D'Vines address, at least in the comments.

  7. I went into D'Vines yesterday to check out the growler situation -- apparently they will be filling growlers on FRIDAYS ONLY. :( Better than nothing, but would be nice to have at least one line open all days.


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