Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The DC Stereotype Map: is Columbia Heights "bikes, beer and burglaries"?

Social Studies DC, the new blog from the Living Social folks, has a map they call the DC Stereotype Map (above, click it for a bigger version). Some of it is pretty funny. They call our general area "Bikes, beer and burglaries," which is next to "Jumbo Slice" (i.e. Adams Morgan), "Marching Bands" for Howard, and "Commie Dog Walkers" for Petworth (though technically they are anarchist dog walkers.)

So is it accurate? The neighborhood certainly has a fair amount of bikes, beer and burglaries, but so do other hoods, and we have lots of other stuff. Maybe "bikes, beer, Target"? "Group houses, older residents, bars?" I dunno. What are your ideas for our stereotype?


  1. Moved to DC in 1987August 17, 2011 at 2:36 PM

    The map authors are a bit off on some of their geography (see houseboats and the touristy stuff) and not so subtle or informed about some of their stereotypes (see GWU, GU, Howard, and CUA -- but nothing on AU). I'm guessing it was made by someone who lives on Capitol Hill and has been in DC for less than 5 years.

  2. i think AU is "white People"

  3. "Waiting until marriage"? That is the laziest thing I've ever seen. Has this person actually been to CUA? I think it should be something like "gentrifying grad students" or "suburbia".

    "Bikes and beer" isn't that bad. If somebody can find a catchy way to talk about the growing pains due to newcomers and splashy prefab architecture but also the handful of trendy bars, then I'd like to hear it.

  4. Considering that my house was broken into within 3 weeks of moving in, I'd say that's accurate.


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