Friday, August 12, 2011

Attempted mugging by taser at 15th and Columbia

Just got this email from a reader. Scary stuff.
A friend and I were walking to the Columbia Heights Metro Saturday a little after midnight, when we were attacked by two guys, who both had tasers.  We had just crossed 15th on Columbia Rd when they tasered us from out of nowhere. I hit the ground pretty hard but am okay and my friend, who didn't get the full force of the taser, is fine. The good news is that we fought them off and the punks didn't get anything of any value from us.  My attacker tore off my right trouser pocket but luckily my iphone was in the other pocket. My friend was able to ward off his attacker and hit him in the face. The bad news is that it all happened so fast that we couldn't give the police a very good description outside of the following – two black males approximately six feet tall, one a little younger, taller,  and skinnier wearing a  hooded sweatshirt, the second between 18 and 30 and stocky with a purple "Ravens-type" hat.
I used to live in the neighborhood and knew that block was always a little rough but have parked my car on that block many nights over the years with no issues. In retrospect, I should have been more aware and taken Irving at that time of night. I'm glad we fought them off but do not necessarily recommend that to others. I was on the ground and the guy kept coming at me to grab my phone or wallet and I kept kicking him in the knee whenever he got close. It was just instinct.  I also feel fortunate to have landed the way I did or I could have been seriously injured. Although there is no way to prepare for a random attack, I will be more vigilant and cautious walking around at night and hope that everyone will do the same.
That's crazy. I haven't heard of anything like this before. Let's hope the police are aware of this kind of attack. It's also a good reminder to be careful and don't make it obvious when you have valuables or electronics on you.


  1. F'ing neighborhood punks...they act like pack animals

  2. Awful. Sorry this happened to you. Hopefully you reported them to the police -- unlikely they'll be caught but it's important that the police know it happened. Also, our PSA Commander tells us just to try to look at people's shoes. They're usually distinct and can't easily be thrown off (unlike a hoodie or a hat). Doubt I'd remember to do that in a moment of fear but I'm trying to train myself to look at shoes more often.

  3. I imagine that purple hat may have been a Colorado Rockies hat. When I first moved to the neighborhood, I came across a large group of young men wearing Colorado Rockies hats on a sketch corner. Thought it was a bit strange so I did some research. Turns out it is a common symbol for members of the Crip/Crip based gangs, which do operate in the neighborhood. This is just one website with info but you can find many more references to the purple Rockies hat and its meaning throughout the web.

    Sorry to hear about this.

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  5. You know as odd and disturbing as this sounds, I'd much rather be tasered than smacked in the head with a brick from behind, or shot, which is all too common as well.

  6. I'm sorry this happened to you guys, but glad that you walked away from it safely and with your valuables. Perhaps your resistance will instill second thoughts or hesitation in the two jerks if/when they try something like this again. Probably not, but one can hope.

  7. Sounds like real life out there in the 'hood. Well done to have fought them off. Insightful of someone to say to look at an attacker's shoes. One for O Bone!


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