Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Arrest made in anti-gay hate crime that police didn't take a report on

This is good news. The Blade reports that a 19-year old has been arrested and charged in the alleged hate crime where two men assaulted five lesbians outside the Columbia Heights Metro. The women say MPD officers refused to take a police report, laughed at them and told them to go home. Chief Cathy Lanier said there would be an investigation into the officers' actions.

Let's hope this kid goes to jail, and if other suspects are involved, they're caught too. Let's also hope that this leads to police paying more attention to hate crimes and assaults by teenagers in general. I feel like most of the crime in the neighborhood is done by younger kids. Maybe that's true everywhere, but it's worrisome.


  1. They need to release the names of the Police Officers that failed to do their jobs. They clearly are not professional enough to wear the uniform and be on patrols, and should be suspended pending a review.

  2. @Gus - I agree.

    Sometimes the policemen are as bad as the criminals.

  3. I am outraged that the police, who are supposed to serve and protect, did not take a police report. A crime is a crime. Because the person is gay, the police can pick and choose who they assist.

    I am disgusted by the behavior of the police and that or those officers must be repremand.

  4. The police need to be held accountable to the highest degree. They are sworn to uphold the law and (if the allegations are accurate) have clearly failed in that charge. Ignorant people will always do ignorant things, but when the authorities ignore (and thereby endorse) ignorant and criminal behavior, that is true injustice.


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