Tuesday, July 19, 2011

UNHCR Humanitarian of the Year at the Dunes gallery on July 21

Yet another cool event at the Dunes, the gallery/art space above The Getaway at 14th and Meridian: this time it's Rose Mapendo, UNHCR's Humanitarian of the Year. She's a Tutsi from the Democratic Republic of the Congo who was forced into a death camp during the Hutu-Tutsi conflicts in the area. 

In the death camp she gave birth to twins, and was later moved to another camp then handed over the Red Cross and evacuated with her family to the US. She later started up a resettlement NGO. A pretty amazing story, here's more.
She's be speaking at the Dunes to kickoff the Congolese Women's Peace Summit. Tickets are $20 to benefit the summit and there will be cocktails and DJs.

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