Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One way traffic sign turned into "bone away"

The folks at DC Shit List, which is a blog pointing out things they don't like in DC, spotted this: a traffic sign at 11th and Kenyon, near Wonderland. The sign was changed from "One Way" to "Bone Away".

It's pretty dumb, but also sort of funny. I'm not nearly as offended as the Shit List folks, but hey, worth a mention at least.


  1. reminds me when "Speed Hump" on Monroe at 16th read "Speed Hump'n" thanks to some electric tape.

    /good times.

  2. Man I hadn't really read the DC ShitList before, reads like something written by a petulant Arlingtonian who just moved to DC.

    Tourists on the Mall!
    Traffic on 4th of July!
    People on bikes!
    Talking/walking/looking/flipflops on the Metro!

    The horror!

  3. jesus, the dc shit list, is just someone bitching about every thing in life...here's we he should do move to utopia

  4. It's been cleaned already, before I had a chance to take a photo for the Columbia Heights group on Flickr. :(

    -Mr. T in DC


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