Monday, July 18, 2011

Jobs for kids: graffiti removal

Two birds, one stone. Jim Graham has started a program of jobs for kids in Ward 1, where they go around cleaning graffiti. Right now it's 4 kids who have removed 130 instances of graffiti around the ward, and they're also working with kids from the Columbia Heights Youth Club.

Nice to see this, as gang graffiti is a big problem in the area (I see LC and CTU all over the place, for example.)

If you see graffiti, report it to 311 or, and call Jim Graham's office at 724.8181 -- he says he'll alert the Ward 1 graffiti team as well.


  1. yeah what is "syce" is it gang graffiti? i see it everywhere on Irving walking up to the target.

  2. I've seen that too. I think Syce is a tagger, but just speculation.

  3. I've sent photos of two spots on 13th street to Graham. Let us see what happens!


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