Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Deaf tuxedo cat found

Did you lose a cat? If so, check out below:
I noticed a young black & white cat in my alley (between Euclid and Clifton and 11th & 12th). He/she appears young. He/she is also deaf. I was able to trap the kitty to feed him/her (very hungry) and protect him/her during the big storm we are now having.. He/she is domesticated and friendly - not feral. However, I can not let him/her on my porch, where he/she is now, as someone may come and take him/her and harm him/her and tomorrow it is going to be very hot. I can't bring him/her in my house as I have a cat and they don't get along.

If you or you know of someone who lost this cat, let me know. If you want to adopt this cat, let me know. He/she is very, very cute and purrs when pet. 
Here's the link

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