Monday, June 27, 2011

What's the flag on the house at 13th and Euclid?

There's a nice house on the northeast corner of 13th and Euclid with a big, wraparound porch. The house always has two flags: the US and one with blue and white stripes and hearts. I always wondered what it was, when the other day I saw a soccer jersey (for US national team player Michael Bradley) with the same design on it.

After some Googling, I figured out the team (SC Heerenveen) is from Friesland in the Netherlands, and that's the Frisian flag. So there you go, I guess we have some Frisians in the neighborhood. And interesting factoid, the Frisian language is the closest language to English, and there's a little saying about it "As milk is to cheese, are English and Frisian." Little mini-mystery solved.


  1. Thats my landlords house! Ill ask him about it!

  2. The red shapes are not hearts, but water lily leaves.


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