Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pools are now open during the week!

Painting by David Hockney, not of Banneker Pool.
Nice! As of yesterday, city pools are open during the week. Our local pool, Banneker at Georgia and Euclid, is open every week day except Thursday from 1-8 pm, plus noon-6 pm on weekends. Sweet!

Here's the hours and locations of the other pools. I hear the Upshur one is good too -- might be a good option since Banneker is often crowded.

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Kirby said...

Just tried out the Upshur pool...not bad! Not too crowded this afternoon, and the swim lane was mostly clear.

Note that if you map the location, it shows up on the SW side of 14th St, but in reality the pool is located on the NE side. I had some extra walking after parking due to the mis-mapping!