Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Drive-by shooting on Spring Road?

I don't normally write about individual crimes, but I haven't seen much else about this and have received a number of emails about it. One emailer writes:
Last night around 10:30 there was apparently a drive-by shooting on Spring Rd (this is according to a neighbor who spoke with one of the police that was searching the area).

From what I can gather, they must have driven through the alley to Spring Pl then through my alley that's behind 16th between Ogden and Hertford. There they dumped the weapon behind one of my neighbor's houses.  Again from neighbor's conversation with police, it appears they may have dumped the gun in a trash can.  Around 11:30 I was outside and heard them yell "Found It" so they've recovered the weapon.  Also from word of mouth the police had someone in custody.  What I don't understand is if they did find it in a trash can, how someone could have had the time to do so and not just toss it, or how the police knew if they didn't arrive on the scene for quite a bit after the event (not 100% sure about that though).

I asked an officer what had happened.  She just asked me if I had heard anything and said that they found what they were looking for.  Then I asked if someone got hurt and she said in a dramatic way "Oh yeah!".  Crime Scene people arrived after midnight and stayed for quite some time.

Surprisingly with how local news stations love stories like this, I haven't found any news reports on the subject yet.
On the Spring-Perry Yahoo Group (which you have to be a member to read) ANC commish Lisa Kralovic confirmed there was a shooting on the 1500 block of Spring Place and two cars had their windows shot out.

Did anyone else hear or witness this? Any more info? 

UPDATE: This was actually a walk-by shooting, as no car was involved. It was on Spring Place, not Spring Road.


  1. I live on the 1500 block of Spring Place and was across the street on 16th street when it happened. Didn't hear anything at the time, but was there when the police put the tape up. Shocked that there are no news stories about this.

  2. Silas Kulkarni

    I live on the 1400 block of Spring Rd and though we did not hear it, our guests's car was one of the ones that was shot. By their account it was five cars that had bullets in them (including theirs), and the police actually towed the cars to use as evidence (because it was hard to get the bullets out immediately). So my friends had a hard time getting home last night (had to drive them at 2 AM) as well as having a bullet-riddled car.


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