Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sorry realtors, 2nd and Upshur isn't Columbia Heights

Looks like Columbia Heights has hit an important milestone: the neighborhood is now so trendy that realtors will exaggerate its boundaries to make their houses seem more appealing. This has been common for a long time with desirable neighborhoods, for example saying a place in Glover Park is in Georgetown or calling the area near RFK Stadium Capitol Hill.

The best (worst) example I've seen so far is this ad (since expired) that was for a place at 2nd and Upshur that said it's in Columbia Heights. Not even close, guys.

Another, more reasonable one is this one that says Petworth/Columbia Heights for a place at Georgia and Upshur, which is still pretty far even if you stretch the neighborhood's boundaries. Other ads, like this one, tout their short drive to Columbia Heights and Adams Morgan, while still others say Petworth (N. of Columbia Heights).

We've hit the big time, folks! Seen any other ridiculous ones?


  1. My house is on Shepherd just west of Georgia, and the DC Office of Tax Revenue thinks my neighborhood is Columbia Heights. Not sure Upshur is such a stretch given that.

  2. which I mean Upshur and Georgia, not 2nd and Upshur which is clearly absurd.

  3. True, that's something odd -- there's only a few official assessment neighborhoods and they bear little resemblance to actual hoods -- there is no Adams Morgan or Logan, for example, and instead there are places like Old City I and Old City II.

  4. The eastern border of what is today called Columbia Heights is in fact Georgia Ave. So depending on which side of Georgia Ave the second place is, it may actually be in Columbia Heights. The full borders are 16th Street to the west, Spring Road to the north and Florida Ave to the south.

    It can be further broken down by noting that the parts south of Harvard St is sometimes called Pleasant Plains (the original plantation that made up the land was called Pleasant Plains).

    North of Harvard was once part of Mt. Pleasant. There is a movement to rename this neighborhood (the borders of which are fuzzy to me) as Tivoli North.

  5. True about Georgia, but most folks I've talked to seem to think Spring is the northern border.

  6. Yeah, I missed the part about Upshur. Definitely Petworth.


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