Friday, May 13, 2011

Review of Paila Chilean Grill on Park Road: it's good. Go there.

Do you like delicious sandwiches? A commenter on yesterday's post about breakfast in the neighborhood mentioned Paila Grill on Park Road as a good spot. I hadn't been before so a buddy and I went last night. The verdict: tasty stuff. I want to go back soon and try more.

It's a small spot with a few tables, and the owner, a friendly Chilean guy, recommended we eat in rather than get it to go so it doesn't get cold. The place specializes in churrasco (steak) sandwiches, plus hot dogs with lots of toppings. I tried the chemilico (below), which is steak and fried egg, and my buddy got the chacarero (above), steak, avocado, jalapenos, green beans, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo. Both were served with a small side of chips and pico de gallo, and both were pretty delicious. I demolished mine. The chemilico worked well as dinner and would be equally as good for breakfast or lunch. I could have gone for some kind of side dish, but the sandwich was quite good.

The steak is tender, cut into pieces and nicely seasoned. On the chacarero, the green beans sound strange but work well, they're tender and good. The toasted buns were pretty good too. The owner said everything is fresh, nothing frozen. Plus it's inexpensive: the sandwiches were $7 each.

The owner also recommended the viensa completo, an all-beef hot dog with avocado, tomato, mayo and sauerkraut. I'll have to try it next time. They also have fish tacos which Yelpers recommend and breakfast, from sandwiches to burritos.

For dessert I tried to get the brazo de reina, a traditional Chilean pastry with dulce de leche, but it was sold out. The owner (who while we were there spoke Spanish, English and French to different customers) said his wife makes it and was very convincing about how delicious it was. Next time.

The place doesn't have alcohol and is a little lacking on ambiance, but if you like good, fresh food, this is the spot.

They're open until 9 pm, 10 pm on Friday and Saturday, and open at 8 am.

Yelp likes it too and they're also on Facebook.

Paila Chilean Grill is at 1424 Park Rd NW.


  1. Agree 100 percent, the food is fantastic, I've been three times and each time it was great!

  2. This place is totally good. Been there twice and both times it was tasty. Could do with a little bit more ambiance, but at least the food is fresh and good.

  3. This place is fantastic. We go there at least once a week. The fish tacos are not to be missed.

  4. Yes, this place is great! In addition to the sandwiches and fish tacos, I recommend the cheese empanadas - you get five fried mini empanadas, which make a great appetizer to share. And the brazo de reina is terrific.

  5. On your recommendation, I went there today and had the chemilico. It was very tasty, but very messy! With the yolk still liquid, it made quite a mess, but since it tasted so good, I didn't mind the mess too much (as long as they kept the napkins coming!)

  6. i walk by there all the time. Next time, I will walk in. Mmmmm.

  7. I always want to get the fish tacos- but by the time I get there, they're usually out! He explained to me how they have only fresh food there, so once they're out, they're out for the day. Good!

  8. hey, that's not pico de gallo, that's pebre! Lived in Columbia Heights for years, now in Santiago, Chile! Glad you like the food, Chileans do love their giant sandwiches!


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