Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The pool is open on weekends, and it's crowded

I went to the Banneker pool yesterday at Georgia and Euclid and it was completely mobbed. When we got there at about 4 pm there was a line out the door and they were waiting for people to leave before more could come in.

Once we got inside it was crazy -- the kids' side was packed and loud and the rest was pretty full. Every few minutes a ball would fly by our heads, which I thought was funny but most others may not. Both diving boards are open, at least, which is something I didn't see much last year.

So in short, you may want to wait until it's open during the week (June 21 is the first day) or try another pool.


  1. When I went by at about 1:30, there were still chairs available - I say head over early, and you should be ok.

  2. I agree with Lauren - I went around noon (when it opened) and it was fine.

  3. for what it's worth, it was practically empty saturday and sunday as well.


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