Thursday, May 26, 2011

No changes to Ward 1 in proposed redistricting

Looks like Columbia Heights is staying put.

You may have heard how the city is required to redraw ward boundaries due to the census: basically Wards 2 and 6 got bigger, and there's a law in place that all the wards have to have roughly the same populations.

There was some talk that Columbia Heights would be split or other scenarios that would affect Ward 1, but it looks like we're safe: the proposed borders from the city are the same for our ward. Here's a closer version, which inexplicably doesn't include old boundaries, but they're the same.


  1. which inexplicably doesn't include old boundaries

    well, it's kind of difficult to represent the 'old' boundaries on the map when they're coincident with the 'new' ones.

    no need to show change if there actually is none, right?

  2. You could easily put the old boundaries below in a wider line than the new boundaries, which is what the map on DCist has. Why not be clear about it? The Ward 6 map, which does change, doesn't show the old ones either. What's the usefulness in that?

  3. True, and good point on Ward 6. I hadn't looked closely at that (was paying attention to the one that shows the whole city along with old/new boundaries there.

  4. Too bad. We could have got rid of Graham.


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