Friday, May 6, 2011

Neighborhood cleanup this Saturday, plus a brunch after

If you like helping the neighborhood and eating brunch with a discount, Saturday is your day. The folks at the North Columbia Heights Civic Association are holding their monthly neighborhood cleanup this Saturday starting at 9:30 am at Columbia Heights Coffee (11th north of Park).

At 10:30 am they'll be meeting at Meridian Pint, which will have discounts for cleaner-uppers.

Sounds like a good event!


  1. This is why I want to move to this area. This is great news and very positive.

  2. I'm interested in how many people showed up, and whether one hour of actual clean-up was enough?

  3. Alas, this Saturday, the few folks who made it showed up about 15-20 minutes late, after I already gave up left with the bags and so on(for those I just missed, apologies!). Some months we get as many as 15-20 volunteers, sometimes no one, it is hard to predict, this was an off month in part because almost the entire board of NCHCA was out of town. Hopefully our next clean-up (first Saturday in June) will be better attended. You'd be surprised how much trash even a dozen folks working hard for an hour can clear around the 'hood. Even so, we eventually want to move towards more preventative measures that will help stem the rapid accumulation of trash, but that is easier said than done and will require some real creative thinking.

  4. Thanks! Is there a listserv I can join for info on future clean-ups?

  5. Yeah, their website is linked on the right, you can join the listserve here:


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