Friday, May 20, 2011

More on Uncapped Live, the new popup art venue on 14th

Yesterday you read about the Wale show at Vitaminwater Uncapped Live, the pop-up art and performance venue at 14th and W: now here's more about it. The venue, organized by Brightest Young Things, will be open until June 17th, and tonight is the official opening featuring the Fatback DJs and more.

Tomorrow there's an end of the world party starting at 9 pm, and Sunday is Post-Apocalyptic Sunday School, whatever that is. More, from their site:
  • Art Whino's 2011 edition of their awesome G40 exhibit: a 30 day installation of over 2000 works by 500 artists exploring the genres which are on the forefront of creative transitions and are consistently growing in large scale with hundreds of thousands of fans throughout the world. Some of these genres include customized collectibles, skateboard art, stencil, wheat paste and 3D interventions.
  • Musical and event programming by us that will go on 6 days a week (Tuesday through Sunday) and include numerous fashion, comedy, film , photography and community related events plus the likes of The Knocks, Painted Face, Fatback, Chris Burns, Rival Skies [ed: a band in the neighborhood] and many other both established and up and coming local and national touring acts.
  • An open daytime lounge for you to basically move into- with free wi-fi, hydration and amazing art everywhere.
Sounds pretty cool. Here's a timelapse of them setting it up:

Introducing Uncapped Live from Jeff Martin on Vimeo.


  1. Any idea how one would go about contacting them to see if they're interested in booking a local band? Would love to get my Columbia Heights-based string band, The Potomac Bombs, to play there.

    By the way, we're playing from 7 to 9 at Madam's Organ tomorrow night (the 21st)...

  2. Can you email me?

  3. Wait, we have a string band in Columbia Heights? Why am I just hearing of this? Definite have to stop by Madam's tomorrow night.

  4. Entertaining venue - tunes, ping pong & lotsa cool art.


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