Monday, May 23, 2011

More on DC Reynolds, new bar coming to Georgia Avenue with big outdoor area

Last week I wrote about DC Reynolds, the new bar coming to 3628 Georgia Avenue NW, a few doors down from Looking Glass and the Blue Banana. I got in touch with the owner and got some more information:
DC Reynolds isn't a person, it's an homage of sorts to a place we went to, worked at, and lost in Fairfax City. TT Reynolds was a neighborhood bar for 30 years before it lost its lease about 3 years ago. We loved the place and the vibe of it. We refereed to it more as a community center than a bar or restaurant. A "cheers" if you will. So we wanted to get back to that sort of project. The 4 C's Comfortable, Casual, Consistent, and Cheap.

We really like the outdoor summer garden behind the space, our architect can fit in 120 people but I don't think we will try for that many. We want to make that a sort of Garden of Eden feel with some ivy, trees, or shrubs, basically a way to make it seem like you aren't behind an old building on Georgia ave and next to an alley. Inside, exposed brick, pallet wood flooring, and dim lights will be the norm on the 2 levels. Almost everything we are putting into the building has been reclaimed from other closed restaurants to give the feel that DC Reynolds has been on Georgia Ave for 30 years.

Time Frame, I'm almost afraid to say being well versed in how these things unfold. We are optimistic of a September time frame.
Sounds good to me. The owner has been involved with some other places in the city as well. They also have a Facebook page, Youtube channel, website, and Twitter.

The video below shows just how big the back area is:


  1. Sounds great, love the reclaimed materials / cozy neighborhood bar vibe! We need a Raven-type place in that area. Nice to have an entertainment stretch coming together on that section of Georgia, three places all with different vibes. I think there will be plenty of business given the huge number of new apartments opening up a few blocks north of there. I love the concept. Will there be food? I hope so, as there really needs to be more quality food options around there. Even a very limited, but good, menu specializing on one thing would be great. What types of music, beer, etc. are on the agenda?

  2. Hey Jeff, we are going to have a full kitchen and hope to have a few really good things on the menu, as well as daily specials. We will mostly focus on classic American comfort food. We are still working on beer selection, but you will find that we are the type of guys who are willing to try new things and listen to what our friends want to try out.

  3. Thanks, sounds great, look forward to your opening.

  4. I wouldn't get my hopes up. It's being run by the Blue Banana people.

  5. Eliza - Its not being run by the Blue Banana people. Not sure who you get your info from but they're mistaken. The building is owned by the same person who owns the BB building but thats all.


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