Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More, better paint dripped graffiti on sidewalks in the neighborhood

Awhile ago I wrote about paint-dripped graffiti on the sidewalks, especially on Irving -- it looked like some kind of amateurish, gang-related stuff. Now it looks like actual graffiti artists have started doing it: I saw this and some related ones on Harvard between 16th and 14th.

The other examples on Harvard were more words, things about love and such. I didn't catch the name of who did it. I do like it better than the previous stuff, and I would assume it will eventually wear off, like the stuff on Irving.

It's interesting, has anybody else seen this kind of thing? I've only seen these two examples in Columbia Heights.

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  1. Unfortunately this is on 14th & Columbia on the street and on the sidewalk. Do they really think that they are making the place they live more beautiful?


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