Friday, May 6, 2011

Domino's coming to 14th and Fairmont?

You may recall a few months ago that there was a rumor an empty space in the Columbia Uptown  at 14th and Fairmont was going to be a Pizza Hut. Nothing happened with that, but now we have a bit more solid report that it may be a Domino's. From a reader:
Just passed by the row of mostly empty storefronts next to Amsterdam Cleaners, across from Dunkin Donuts and saw that there is a buildout going on. Its in the far left spot (behind the bus stop). Asked one of the construction workers what was going in and they said "a Domino's." Not the best food, but glad to see SOMETHING going in that building.
My sentiments exactly. Your thoughts?


  1. If I want a pizza, I'll still get it from Radius. I guess this is preferable to an empty storefront, but not by a whole lot.

  2. Hopefully they have the delivery drivers park in the Uptown's lot and not take up the little bit of on street parking on Fairmont (or leave their cars double parked there while they load up pizzas).

  3. I was afraid the Pizza Hut would be selling wings (like their 20th & M location does) and that we'd be seeing a lot more chicken bones on the sidewalk. So I'm glad to hear it's Domino's instead. I'll still get my pizza from Pete's, though.

  4. Kids in that hood will be happy (and fat(terer)) I guess.

  5. Isn't there already a Dominoes at 14th & U?

  6. There is a Dominoes at 14th & U, but DC can't seem to get enough bad conveyor-belt pizza.


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