Thursday, May 19, 2011

Composting in the neighborhood?

Question from a reader:
In NYC many of the farmer's markets also have an area in which locals can come and dump compost materials into these large bins that the farmers then use on their farms.  Do you know of any local places to drop off composting materials?  We live in a tiny apartment that would not handle the amount of compost-able waste we create (vegetarians).
Anyone? Leave your ideas in the comments. 


  1. Compost Cab is your answer!

  2. +1 for compost cab. they come around and visit the area markets too, in case you want to drop off there.

  3. An onion in a bean field?

  4. Talk to John Andrade at Meridian Pint. They compost (and may even use Compost Cab).

  5. I've seen a composting stand at the Dupont Circle Farmers' market some weeks.

  6. OMG, $8 per week per bin? Just find a neighbor who already composts and is willing to take your stuff.


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