Tuesday, May 24, 2011

11th and Monroe Street park construction to start in June

Looks like the 11th and Monroe Street Park reconstruction will finally get underway. The park has had issues with drunk people hanging around and harassing parkgoers and also lead contamination, and the new designs are supposed to make it more family- and kid-friendly. Here's a note form the city:
More specifically, we are finishing construction documents and have begun the permitting process. At this point, we expect construction to begin by mid-June.
We plan on hosting a community meeting prior to the start of construction to review the final plan as well as the construction schedule...
Here's the design. What do you think?


  1. More grass, less stuff? It'd be nice have room to play catch or casually kick a soccer ball.

  2. Well, the design is certainly nice. But it still seems rather closed off, which I think is part of the problem with the current set-up. I'm afraid that the same problems that current park has may be perpetuated by a closed off design.

  3. Great! Seems they put a fountain in for the drunks so they're not dehydrated in the hot summer months--which is actually a tax payer's dream since it save us the EMT and fire truck costs.

    Really people - new park ain't going to change things there.

  4. Okay, I know I'm late on this one, but catching up on blog reading...

    I went to one of the meetings about the park way back when and I corresponded briefly with dpr about it. First of all, there already is a water fountain that has been there for quite some time, so that's not new. Also, the image doesn't convey what I think is the most important change they're making, which is to raise the level of the park to fix the drainage issues and make it easier for activity in the park to be seen from the street, which presumably includes passing police cars, so this design should be less closed off, not more. There's not more grass going in (I'm pretty sure all that green will be the same type of rubber play flooring as there is now) and the play area doesn't change it's total space much. That park simply cannot have enough space to kick a ball around for adults unless you remove the playground equipment altogether. However, moving the play space to the side has at least the potential to change the horrible fishbowl dynamic that exists now where if you're playing there with your kids, it feels like you're surrounded by all the homeless guys who have nothing better to do but watch you. Yuck.

    My biggest complaint is that the play equipment they plan to install is more of the same prefab junk that's there now - though new, slightly different prefab equipment, it's definitely not going be a draw for any parents who could take their kids elsewhere. I firmly believe that unless that equipment is unique and interesting enough, that the park doesn't stand a chance of drawing the core group of parents and kids that are needed to at least try and change the dynamics there. DPR's playground design throughout the city just has very little sense of imagination.

    Still, I think there's at least a small chance that having the park closed for the summer, coupled with the changes they are making will help a little. I won't be surprised if things are back to the status quo in a year, but I think the design has enough changes to hope it'll be a little better. If nothing else, the standing water issue will be resolved.

  5. The current park is miserable to the point of being unusable. So close it in the summer -- I don't consider it a park now anyway. Fixing it up will do the same thing for this park as the one on 14th and Girard. That one is much less a hang out for drunks now. Add the new Diner across the street and we are really cooking.

    This cannot happen soon enough. My only suggestion is that they make room for swings, which is always the single most popular thing for younger kids.


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