Monday, April 11, 2011

Vincent Orange car parked illegally while recording says he "favors aggressive enforcement of DC laws"

I tweeted about this before, but thought it deserved a full post. On Saturday I was walking down 14th and noticed a car with a Vincent Orange sign parked illegally outside the 14th and Girard Street Park, there was some kind of event going on there. Ironically, the recording that was being broadcast from the loudspeaker, Blues Brothers-style, said "Vincent Orange favors aggressive enforcement of DC laws." I guess parking is not included.

Orange is running for at-large city council against Patrick Mara, Bryan Weaver, Sekou Biddle, and Josh Lopez.

Vincent Orange is an ok guy, but I'm not going to vote for him -- he's basically a career politician, he was on the city council for ward 5 and ran for mayor, council chair, and pretty much everything else. He hasn't been involved in major scandals, but he doesn't seem to really do much either. Just sort of a status quo guy. Then again, I wish he would have won the council chair race instead of Kwame Brown.


  1. While, I'm not necessarily an Orange supporter, I believe you have a clue of his record one way or another, yet claiming he's done nothing. So what is our basis for support or nonsupport?

    Every elected official in DC is a career politician or on the way to being one. Mara served less than 2 weeks in one office before running for another.

    Some meat please.

    W Jordan.

  2. It is clear that Vincent Orange has been complicit, if not active in the destruction of Columbia Heights. Please consult the grand map of Columbia Heights machinations and conspiracy-

    DC Council/Oversight has several annotations on the map, so DC council is plainly involved in the conspiracies that affect the development of Columbia Heights. DC council is complicit in the misuse of city funds by Donnatelli Development, the kickbacks, earmarks and tax breaks. And as a Councilperson, Vincent Orange was complicit in the conspiracy between Donatelli Development and Jim Graham to destroy Columbia Heights and prevent neighborhood justice and integrity.
    How can we support someone who clearly has turned a blind eye to what is going on in our neighborhood? We need new blood, not more dog parks and bike lanes!

  3. Just for clarification, the car depicted is not the car of Vincent Orange.

  4. Inorite, Centzon? How DARE they put infrastructure in, those assholes.

  5. I agree with the Vincent Orange comments of not really doing anything for the city. I would like to see new blood and after hearing young Josh Lopez I feel he is honest and hard working. I've got a good feeling about this fella.



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