Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Street Booze Salad Dressing: Ken's Thousand Island

So it's been awhile since I've posted a Street Booze, partially because I haven't seen too many. A friend sent this along, it's a bottle of Ken's Thousand Island salad dressing at 13th and Girard.

Maybe our neighborhood is getting healthier? People are loitering and having a nice salad instead of say, Mad Dog 20-20 or ponies of Heineken?

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Anonymous said...

My roommates and I have started a game that you can play while commuting to/from the CH metro: 1 point for every street booze-related mixer or insinuating drinking (arizona tall boy fruit punch cans, black liquor bags, etc), 2 points for beer(40's, cans, bottles, 30 rack boxes, bottle caps, etc), 3 points for liquor (plastic vodka bottles, occasional patron bottle), and 4 points for witnessing someone in the act of street boozing, not on private property. So far I've gotten up to 14 points in 3 blocks. Try to beat me!

Andrew said...

This is awesome.