Friday, April 8, 2011

Shots fired near Columbia Heights Metro

UPDATE: I've been told by a reliable source that a gun has been recovered.

I don't normally write about crime, but this is too crazy not to mention. About 11 8:45 am today, security guards fired at a 17-year old they believe had a gun after he allegedly tried to rob someone at gunpoint on the 1300 block of Harvard. No one was injured and the suspect was captured and is being charged as an adult.

Simon Landau with Channel 9 has the story, including an interview with the suspect's friend who claims his friend didn't have a gun and wasn't involved. The security guards were from Columbia Heights Village at 2900 14th Street NW. There was a foot chase after a witness pointed the suspect out to the security guards, and the shots were fired on the 3000 block of 14th Street, between Columbia and Irving. DCist has more.

Strange story. Who tries to rob somebody at 11 8:45 am?


  1. Was in Potbelly when this went down. Never heard a shot. But when I came out, the suspect was cuffed standing behind a police car (at least 4 cars were there). Some lady was shouting at a cop, but all I caught was the cop saying the guy had committed a robbery. Sort of interesting to be there at that moment, but glad I wasn't outside when the shots were fired.

  2. Who tries to rob somebody at 8:45 AM? Criminals.

  3. Many of the abandoned bullets near the Columbia Heights Metro today are a result of speculative land development of the housing bubble. An indirect result of developments like the Allegro. Ironic isn't it.

    Not W Jordan

  4. What's wrong with the Allegro? That's where I live.


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