Thursday, April 14, 2011

Seriously drivers, yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk

Twice this week I've almost been hit by cars as I crossed Girard at 14th street. In the middle of the sidewalk crosswalk, during the walk signal.

Both times the drivers were going south, making a fairly quick turn left from 14th Street, and both times I was already in the middle of the sidewalk crosswalk by the time they turned. The first time was a blue DC government car and the driver yelled "asshole" to me through the window as she blew past me. Nice. Unfortunately I didn't get the number of the car. The second time was this morning, a white SUV was making the same turn as I was in the middle of the intersection, and the driver yelled "walk faster!" I walk at a normal speed and I'm in a crosswalk during a walk signal. Screw you.

I get that crossing against traffic isn't the easiest, but neither is getting run over. This stuff drives me crazy.

(Note, I meant crosswalk both times above. Too grumpy this morning.)


  1. I assume that you mean "crosswalk."

  2. It's Columbia Heights--Andrew might have actually meant sidewalk. Alas, I believe he meant crosswalk and I, too, can attest that it's like a game of Frogger every morning when I cross at that intersection.

  3. This drives me crazy. I mean, I know when I travel to say, the outskirts of Dallas (where I was last week), that I'd better not assume any right of way in a crosswalk because drivers have never seen anyone walking anywhere. You'd think in a walking city like DC, people would be more aware and respectful of pedestrians.

    In addition to drivers getting annoyed at pedestrians in the crosswalk when they're trying to turn left, I see even more angry drivers when I go out for a run. There are people turning left (or right for that matter) that figure they have time to turn before I get there, and then get really upset when they don't. So even if you DO move at a faster clip, giving them more time to turn, they still get upset.

  4. You're right, I did mean crosswalk. Too grumpy to type properly.

  5. I don't know about this particular intersection, but I've definitely noticed an increase in the problem city-wide. I'm a regular runner and biker, often using one or the other for commuting. Honestly, I have a more difficult time running. I swore there was an increase in the past few months of angry drivers at crosswalks.

  6. One of the primary efforts for the Columbia Heights Public Realm Design was to make these intersection and the area as a whole safer and friendlier for pedestrians. One of the core area the realm design ran from Spring Rd. down to Florida along 14th St.. As well other key intersections.

    These upgrades was apart of the trade-off for CH taking on higher density with development. The city never fully funded or made these investments. Why?

    CM Graham opposed these public realm investments as well the development community in particular, Donatelli, Allegro and etc.. About $5M in funding for these improvements was stripped from the DC USA TIF the method designed to pay for these investments. Developers basically opposed these improvements because of there rush to build bigger projects that they could quickly flip and profit from. Building a safer community got in their way.

    Instead those government investments where used to fund pay-to-play earmarks directed by the CM. I point this out just to show there are real consequences to the CM's policies. And development can also be disinvestment.

    W Jordan

  7. I know that intersection...I've been near misses on several occasions and there was this once when a car came to a screeching halt a few cm away from me. The driver dared to give me a WTF look as she drove by. I now walk on the other side where there is a stoplight and clear walk signs

  8. Seriously pedestrian, get a life.

    This is what you complain about? Really? If you walk slow when someone's trying to get around a corner, they're going to be mad at you. The reason is that you could walk a little brisker, but you're being a douche and deciding your slow even pace is more important than this other asshole in an SUV.

    Just try to actually watch out for cars and don't walk out into the crosswalk if someone's barreling down really fast. Jesus christ.

  9. "both times I was already in the middle of the crosswalk by the time they turned"

    "I walk at a normal speed."

    truthfully, I walk pretty fast.

  10. hasn't the law been updated so that automobiles must stop for pedestrians, not just yield?

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