Monday, April 18, 2011

Proposed Metro weekend service cuts mean trips could take longer

Looks like your trips downtown could take longer on the weekends: Metro is discussing reducing service on the weekends as a way to cut their budget gap, meaning waits could go from 12 to 18 minutes during the day on Saturday and up to 25 after 9:30 pm. Better leave early if you're going to Gallery Place for a movie, for example. The plans won't go into effect until September if approved, and there's a public comment period in May.

Here's the full rundown. The Metro board did drop one idea to raise money: selling station naming rights. Guess we won't be getting off at the Potbelly-Mattress Discounters/Columbia Heights station anytime soon. Or would it be Wonderland-Meridian Pint/Columbia Heights?

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  1. Take the bus. Take a bikeshare. Either option with get you to Gallery Place faster .... maybe even walking if you are fast.


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