Friday, April 1, 2011

New Gaithersburg Heights: Awesome way to walk your dog: from your SUV!

Don't you hate walking your dog? You have to turn off America's Next Top Food Network Loser (vs 100) and then go outside in the heat or cold! And get pollen on you and talk to people! It's terrible.

So I came up with an awesome way to do it: from your SUV! Just hook Fido up to your leash and hold the leash out the window. Then you can drive down your cul-de-sac (in my case Meadow Heritage Terrace Trace Way) while Fido does his business. Make sure you don't drive too fast though.

You can play your smooth jazz station and even roll the window up most of the way so you can turn on the A/C full blast. It's like you never left the house! Then to reward yourself hit the Cold Stone Creamery on the way back.


  1. I really, really hope this is a joke because anyone who does this, with all due respect, doesn't deserve to own a dog.

  2. Needs more posts.

  3. Hahahahahahaha... I hope this isn't a joke. This is the best.

  4. haha. sadly, before i even read anything or noticed the new banner/joke, i thought "MACARONI GRILL?? WHEEEERRE??" i can't help but love it, it's my midwestern-ness coming out.


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