Monday, April 11, 2011

New coffee shop coming to Mt. Pleasant Street soon

While it's technically not our neighborhood, it's always nice to get another coffee shop nearby. The other day I ran into a guy named Mike Visser, who's opening Flying Fish Coffee & Tea at 3064 Mt. Pleasant Street NW. They hope to open in the next few weeks, depending on permits. They'll have prepared food plus coffee and tea.

Here's more from Mike, and here's a link from PoP when the shop was announced.
As for prepared foods, i will only have pastries and some fresh fruit. My breakfast items will be coming from Hawthorne Fine Breakfast, and will be supplemented by vegan and other late day options (cookies, biscotti, etc...) from Chez Hareg. Unfortunately lack of kitchen space precludes anything more elaborate from being prepared in the space. 

One of the things I would like to highlight about Flying Fish is that all syrups and mixes will be made in house from whole ingredients. No extracts or chemicals, just things like vanilla beans, toasted almonds, sugar, and water. The chai and cocoa syrups will also be made in house and the mixes will all be vegan friendly so they can be made with soy milk if desired.

Sounds pretty tasty. Here's their Facebook page. Tynan and Columbia Heights Coffee are often quite busy, so I suspect they'll do well.


  1. Very very excited. This will be an excellent addition to Mt. P!

  2. Tell us about the coffee! We hope it's good. Not horrible like every other place in the area. Sorry every place else! but it's true


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