Friday, April 8, 2011

Even more on 1483 Newton: disagreements between owners

1483 (left) and a neighbor
1483 Newton, the big abandoned apartment building, has become quite a saga. I learned a bit more recently: apparently the building was owned by two brothers. When they both passed away, the building went to their wives. One of them wanted to sell it, but the other didn't want to, and they've disagreed with what to do with it since then. And that's where we stand today.

As I noted previously, they owe $130,000 in taxes and if they don't pay, it will go to a tax sale in July. Apparently there's some interest in the place, so we'll see, and it doesn't make any sense to sit on a building if you don't plan to do anything -- that's the whole reason behind the $10 per $100 assessed value tax.

It's really a shame, because as some readers have noted, identical buildings on the same block are quite nice. You can see on Google Streetview what the building could become. Let's hope.

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  1. wait -- I thought it changed hands in January? Those two widows owned it at least a year ago, because I remember hearing the same story then...


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