Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Columbia Heights Street Booze game

A commenter on the last Street Booze post wrote about this game, pretty funny stuff. Of course, you only win if you throw the items away.

Anonymous said:
My roommates and I have started a game that you can play while commuting to/from the CH metro: 1 point for every street booze-related mixer or insinuating drinking (arizona tall boy fruit punch cans, black liquor bags, etc), 2 points for beer(40's, cans, bottles, 30 rack boxes, bottle caps, etc), 3 points for liquor (plastic vodka bottles, occasional patron bottle), and 4 points for witnessing someone in the act of street boozing, not on private property. So far I've gotten up to 14 points in 3 blocks. Try to beat me!
This sounds like fun, I'm going to try. I wonder which directions will have the most points? I'm guessing down Irving Street.


  1. anyone who walks on the north side of Harvard Street, 700 Block, automatically will win. it's a real multibottle graveyard in front of one of the houses. fancy, expensive booze too!

  2. I just came back from vacation to an empty bottle of Heineken sitting on my porch steps. I thought, "Aw, welcome home gift from the hood!"

  3. does inside count? i found multiple beer cans strewn about highland park one Saturday morning.

  4. All this street booze and garbage gave us on idea. On Saturday, bring your street booze bottles to BloomBars... we're making a found art sculpture in honor of Earth Day!

  5. How about 5 points for someone peeing on your back fence? I'd get 15 points in half a block. The alley between Parkwood and Otis is rife with drunks at ALL hours due to Cavalier liquors on the corner.


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