Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cardozo High School expanding, getting renovated

Looks like the Cardozo High School building is getting bigger: the home of the Clerks (as the sign says) may be getting a new gym and pool area. Their current ones are pretty small, according to the Left for Ledroit blog, which posted about it. They'll both be built into the hillside, so views from uphill won't be obstructed, which is cool. The expansions will have parking lots on top, so you can presumably still go there for July 4th.

The outside is getting restored too, which is nice. It's a really great building, in my opinion. Here's the documents about the plan:

UPDATE: I should have mentioned that the additions won't block the view because they're built into the hillside.

Cardozo Senior High School Renovation Concept


  1. That is going to take away the view from those apartments. This is really too bad.(Just about the Gym, the other renovations are fine)

  2. According to the plan it won't, because the buildings are built into the hillside. I should have made that clear in the post, I'll add it.

  3. Any idea if they are going renovate the teaching faculty?


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