Monday, March 7, 2011

Theft at Five Guys: Be careful with your things

Got this note from a reader: it serves as a reminder that you should always watch your stuff, even if you're somewhere where you wouldn't normally be worried.
I was eating at Five Guys at 14th and Irving earlier tonight and had my wallet stolen out of my purse. Be really, really careful with your belongings while you're out and about. Also wanted to note that both the MPD and the staff at Five Guys were really helpful in dealing with the situation.
The reader noted that MPD later caught the person and they got all their wallet back with the cash, which is good, but still -- be careful!


  1. I had my wallet stolen from my purse while I was having drinks at Commonwealth a couple weeks ago, might have been the same person. Be careful!

  2. Congratulations on retrieving your cash. That's quite a coup. Also, what's your alternative: NOT go to 5 Guys? Be real!

    Tom Sakell l


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