Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sticky Fingers wins Cupcake Wars TV show

Sticky Fingers is racking up more honors. The vegan bakery on Park, which has also won multiple best vegan bakery and best bakery awards in the city, recently won something else on a bigger scale: best cupcake on Food Network's Cupcake Wars show. The winning cakes were "Gilbert Ganache-fried Cupcakes: Chocolate Seltzer Cupcakes with Ganache, Banana Frosting, and Caramelized Banana" by owner Doron Petersan (pictured). Sounds pretty intense. It's not on their website, but maybe they do it occasionally. Petersan is interviewed on VegNews too.

In any case, always nice to see a local business get some press. Let's hope the tourists don't find out about it and stand in line constantly like at Georgetown Cupcake.

Photo from the Cupcake Wars site.


  1. doron lives on my block in trinidad!

    (sorry, just had to be geeky excited by proximity to cool people)

  2. The owner of that store had such a bad and uppity attitude, I would never buy cupcakes from her, vegan or no. Don't worry about your precious cupcake spot.

  3. the anonymous comment above had such a snarky, randomly attacking attitude, i would never pay attention to opinions from her/him.

  4. Anonymous's complaint makes no sense. Sticky Fingers is one of the friendliest businesses in the neighborhood.

    I'm guessing that complainers like Anonymous actually have an issue with their attitude. Either that or s/he walked in there in a fur coat carrying a Starbucks cup, or tried to heat up a McMeatburger in their microwave, or tried to order while talking on their cell. Such things would likely bring some attitude.


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