Tuesday, March 29, 2011

POTUS at Bell school: Is Columbia Heights the Obamas' favorite neighborhood?

The Obamas seem to really like our neighborhood. The President was in our neighborhood yesterday, giving a speech at Bell Multicultural High School, part of the Columbia Heights Education Campus at 16th and Irving.

This marks by my count the 6th time the President and/or the First Lady have been in the neighborhood, plus he mentioned Pete's Apizza in one of his speeches. You can make the argument that Columbia Heights is the favorite DC hood of the Obamas (aside from downtown, maybe.) Suck it, other neighborhoods!

This event was a town hall hosted by Spanish-language TV network Univision, and the President "wooed Latinos" and answered questions about standardized tests. It sounds like some fun was had as well when he was asked by the moderator about his use of technology:
RAMOS: Do you have an iPad?
OBAMA: I do have an iPad.
RAMOS: Your own computer?
OBAMA: I’ve got my own computer.
RAMOS: Very well.
OBAMA: I mean, Jorge, I’m the president of the United States. You think I’ve got to go borrow somebody’s computer? “Hey, man, can I borrow your computer?”
Previously Obama signed a bill with Michelle at Tubman School, visited the Columbia Heights Youth Club with the First Lady, visited a charter school, also with Michelle, the First Lady went to the Upper Cardozo health center and jumped rope at Bell, and the President worked out at the Washington Sports Club, hence the above photoshop. And of course the President's mention of Pete's.


  1. I wonder if he stopped by the park named in his honor on 14th...

  2. As an aside for Pete's, Biden has been to the Friendship Heights location 3 times now. He seems to be a fan.

  3. The university student leaders of One World Youth Project are currently working at Bell Multicultural High School, the very High School that Obama held this speech, embodying the type of global learning that Obama speaks about.

    Students from Georgetown University are linking Bell classrooms with high school classrooms in Kosovo and Qatar via a four-unit curriculum that guides students through cultural exchange, global awareness, community mapping, and service-learning.

    Click below to view a short video of the awesome wired connection between Bell Multicultural High School and High Schools in Kosovo: a prime example of global learning-



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