Thursday, March 24, 2011

National Marathon coming through the neighborhood on Saturday: street closures in the AM

The National Marathon is this Saturday, and the route goes through a lot of central DC, including through Columbia Heights. The course (here's a map) comes from Dupont up Columbia Road to Harvard, then along McMillan Reservoir on Howard's campus, back down North Capitol

I saw this sign above today at 14th and Harvard. Might be fun to sit out and watch the runners go by. There will be some street closures that morning, including Columbia Road in Adams Morgan and Harvard from 16th to 5th Streets, from 7 am to about 9 am. I guess that means you'll need to get up early if you want to see folks run by.

Pretty cool that they're not just downtown, around the monuments and such. Hopefully nobody hands them coffee like Kramer did that one time (see #4).


  1. We usually sit out and watch on the 1400 block of Harvard NW. Some neighbors usually hand out Gatorade and beer to the runners.

  2. I heard they were going to detour through Target.


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