Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Missing woman: Emily Hershenson

UPDATE: She has been found.

Recently received this email about Emily Harter Hershenson, an Adams Morgan resident who has been missing since yesterday.
Emily has been missing for over 24 hours. She is 5'8" and approx. 150 lbs. Trim, athletic build, short brown hair. She was last seen on 3/21 at 9am on the 42 bus northbound. I know all of you are avid public transit riders, so please keep your eye out for her. She lives in Adams Morgan with her husband and her baby girl, Mirabelle. Any information you have would be helpful. We've made a page to gather all info, and I'm attaching a photo and phone number:  202-680-4181
Also call the police if you know anything about her or think you might have seen her. 

A poster in the Facebook group says they've reported it to MPD and have contacted the Park Police and Uniformed Secret Service.

There's more photos on the Facebook page.


  1. The top photo of Emily with the Dark hair is the most current- it was taken last week.

  2. I heard that a passenger on a northbound 42 bus thought they saw her on the evening she was reported missing. Then I read her Smartrip card was used on a bus at Georgia Ave & W St the day after. Can't Metro access crt video from these buses to see if it was Emily using the card?

    Then there is the case last year of a woman being abducted from Adams Morgan to (I believe) Silver Spring. She managed to get away unharmed and her kidnapper was aprehended. I don't know what followed but if that man is not yet in prison, hopefully the police will check him out.

    My thoughts and prayers are with Emily and her family.

  3. She's been found! See the Facebook page.


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