Monday, March 7, 2011

Lou's City Bar on Irving opens on Thursday

Lou's City Bar, the new sports bar opening next to CommonWealth (RIP) on Irving Street, is set to open Thursday, according to their website. I passed by today Sunday and saw this scene, looks like some people getting trained or sampling the food -- maybe a soft opening?

They're going to have 24 beer taps and 19 TVs, so it sounds like a good spot for March Madness watching. The website also mentions a St. Patrick's Day party.

It looks like they open at 11:30 am every day, so maybe brunch?


the gup said...

Can't Wait!!!! Perfect timing for March Madness!

Tom Veil said...

They had a private event last night for the residents of the apartments above the bar. Really nice looking place. It was crowded, but flowed well and just quiet enough that you could hear conversations. I give thumbs-up to the rib and to the veggie dip.

Suge said...

Brunch menu is in the works.
Happy Hour M-F 3pm-7pm
& Half priced draft every Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Great! More gentrification!

NGW said...

Yep! More gentrification- and honestly, loving every second of it! Bring on the Panera!