Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DC Bocce expands to Wonderland

DC Bocce, the coed league (which full disclosure, I play in on U Street) has a new Columbia Heights league, this time with Wonderland being the sponsor bar. The actual games will be at Tubman School on Tuesdays, with beer deals after for league people.

Bocce is fun stuff, I just hope the bar doesn't get too crowded on game nights -- I believe this is the first league to have Wonderland as their bar.

Previously the Columbia Heights league played near Looking Glass, which was the league bar.

They're having a happy hour at Looking Glass on Thursday to kick it off if you want to go talk to the organizers.


Anonymous said...

Hope this doesn't ruin taco tuesdays.

Brewsers12 said...

The happy hour will be from 6-8/9 at Looking Glass then moving to Wonderland till late.