Thursday, March 24, 2011

City Paper's Best of 2011: Weird stuff, but Columbia Heights is in there a bit

The City Paper has their annual best of issue, but they must have gotten tired of the usual list of things, because the categories are pretty random: for example, Best Uruguayan Sandwich, Best Fashion Accessory Donned by Tweed Riders, and Best Circle that Should be a Rectangle.

But despite that, our neighborhood makes the cut. For one, Fast Gourmet at 14th and W, a sandwich place in a gas station, wins that Best Uruguayan Sandwich award. I'm going tonight! The Chipotle near the Civic Plaza gets Best Restaurant for a Cross Section of DC, which is certainly true, and Room 11 gets props for their draft beer. The CVS self-checkout registers (in general) get an award, but the ones at our CVS seem to be broken most of the time, while Best Sign Georgia Avenue Retail is Hurting goes to the "joyous reception to CVS" at 3642 Georgia Ave. Public pools (like Banneker) get an award, and Past Tense Yoga's date night wins one too: Best Alternative to Couples Therapy. Of course, they forgot one category: Best Columbia Heights Blog with Columbia Heights in the Title.

It's a random list but is a fun read. There's a handy map too, at the bottom.


  1. ICWYDT - Best Columbia Heights Blog with Columbia Heights in the Title.

  2. The shameless promotion of this blog on this blog is a travesty!


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