Monday, February 14, 2011

Seed swap this past Saturday the Civic Plaza

Thanks to me hitting the wrong button on Blogger, I didn't end up running this post when I planned to. But take a look, it sounds like a neat event -- anyone go? You can read more about Grown in the City, and John says to contact him at if you would like any seeds, he has a lot left over.

Winter is (mercifully, hopefully) coming to an end, which means gardening season is upon us. To get folks in the mood, John from Grown in the City is holding a seed swap this Saturday at the Columbia Heights Civic Plaza -- 14th/Park/Kenyon. Here's the press release:
Grown in the City 1st Annual Seed Swap
Where: Columbia Heights Plaza
When:  This Saturday, February 12, from Noon - 1 PM
Why:  Because you only need so many tomato seeds, or you want to try growing something new, or you've never gardened before and want to try it out!
Stop by Columbia Heights plaza between noon and 1 PM on Saturday for Grown in the City's first ever seed swap.  Come share your extra seeds and meet some fellow neighborhood gardeners.  Whether you're a seasoned gardener or you want to try it out without making a big financial investment, the seed swap is a good way to get the growing season started. 
In addition, I will be giving away free flower seed packets in the spirit of the UK's Plan Bee campaign.  Why?  Because the world's bees are dying off at a rapid rate, which will have disastrous impacts on our food system ($15 - $20 billion dollars worth of crops rely on bee polination).  Scientists are still unsure what is causing the hive collaposes, but planting more habitats for honeybees to gather pollen is something we can do to help, while also beautifying the neighborhood. 
I'll be hanging out by the grassy slope near FroZenYo, with a bag of seeds to swap/give away, so stop by and say "hi!"  - John

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