Friday, February 18, 2011

New York Times says 11th street in Columbia Heights is hip

The New York Times says we're hip. I just found this slide show on "Columbia Heights' hip strip" -- 11th Street, not 14th Street:
But while the blocks surrounding the Metro stop now feel something like a suburban mall, Washington’s hippest new strip has cropped up just a few blocks away: a cluster of independent businesses has revitalized a once-desolate stretch of 11th Street, where big box stores and chain restaurants give way to indie rock dance parties and guerrilla theater performances.

The slideshow contains Room 11, Wonderland, Meridian Pint and BloomBars (though oddly not Red Rocks or Columbia Heights Coffee.) Kind of cool that other people are taking notice of this strip. I sure like it.

They also had this little map. I suspect there will be a full article in the Sunday New York Times, since both things are dated 2/20/11.


  1. Awesome! I love that they got the new hybrid Metrobus in there

  2. Much love to our neighbors & supporters on 11th street and around the world! We are very honored to be included in this article.

  3. too bad they didn't mention rinconcito either.

  4. that is cool. I'd heard about that "hip strip" article recently but didn't realize it was specifically about 11th, not 14th Street.

    While the terms "hip" and "hipster" can be off-putting, 11th has definitely turned into something much more appealing than 14th, but which in turn is more utilitarian (you're not going to go to 11th street for a floor lamp, for instance). And actually it's nice to live in a neighborhood that offers both types of development.


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