Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Neighborhood listserve throwdown! Including Billy Madison

Ah, neighborhood listserves, the sometime home of useful news, when they aren't besieged with spam or anti-immigrant rants (see the South CH list for that.)

Recently, listserve mainstay and former ANC commish William Jordan got into it with Jeff Zeeman, head of the North Columbia Heights Community Association (NCHCA) on both the Columbia Heights listserve and the NCHCA listserve. In about 30 messages. Including videos.

Basically, Jordan was complaining about sidewalks not being plowed, saying the worst example was outside the dog park at 11th and Park, and that NCHCA was supposed to be stewards of that park plus the North Columbia Heights Green. He added "If NCHCA is going to lead us in community service and represent this community they need to step up beyond neighborhood and political showing offl."

Zeeman stridently disagreed, posting a long reply saying that was never the case, that NCHCA was never asked or offered the be the steward, saying both of those spaces were unused and a mess before, and now they were a lot better. Other folks jumped in, agreeing with Zeeman. Jordan then replied with "Clearly, there is a river in Egypt that now flows through North Columbia Heights called De Nile (denial).... " More back and forth, with Jordan offering no evidence, then over on the Columbia Heights listserve (this argument taking place on both the NCHCA list and the CH list), Zeeman then posted this gem from Billy Madison as a response to Jordan:

And Jordan replied with:

There was more some back and forth and finally some other people got sick of the argument and said they'd shovel the sidewalk themselves, and then went and did just that. Then it seemed to trail off and Zeeman banned Jordan from the NCHCA listserve placed Jordan on moderated status on the NCHCA listserve, which he runs, and apparently deleted a couple of his posts, which he claimed were false.

All seemed quiet, until somehow the topic got onto the farmers market, with some folks arguing that it was bad for the neighborhood because it doesn't bring any money to local businesses -- see this thread.

Good times.


  1. I've enjoyed living in Columbia Heights much more since I removed myself from that toxic listerv. I suggest you do the same.

  2. On reflection, it is more than slightly embarassing to be involved in this type of ridiculous exchange (meaning the Jordan exchange; the Farmer's Market exchange was fine, as it was expressed as an opinion rather than a false statement of fact, and ironically, Jordan and I are on the same side in defending the market). Ultimately, no matter who provokes it, everyone comes out looking bad.

    One minor correction: I haven't banned Jordan from posting on the NCHCA listserve. I have placed him on moderated status until he can conform his behavior to a basic rule: do not defame other members of the community, or organizations working in the community, with false statements of purported fact (especially unsupported ones). I will approve any message he posts that, for example, is clearly worded as his opinion, even if that opinion is critical of me or others in CH. And needless to say, on the off chance that he has something positive to say (I'm not holding my breath), will happily post that as well. And if he consistently participates in a constructive fashion, I will take him off moderated status, entirely.

    In the meantime, hope to see folks on April 2nd at the CH Great Day of Service!

  3. Thanks Jeff, I'll clarify that.

  4. William Jordan's biggest fanFebruary 2, 2011 at 4:31 PM

    I think the big question here is when will William Jordan get his own blog? He obviously has a lot of things to say, and it is hard to follow him from blog to blog and listserv to listserv. How can his fans keep up to speed with his latest observations and thoughts?

    I know he posts a great deal on this blog as well, so Mr. Jordan, please set something up where you can post what you want to post.

  5. True, I've made that point to him as well.

  6. Jordan is a worthless POS. I had to use an Outlook rule to automatically delete his emails on the CH listserv. Life is so much more pleasant without William Jordan in it.

  7. Ahh, William Jordan - the Grinch of all Grinches. Very racist. Very contradictory in his own rhetoric and almost always incorrect. Obviously from the crowd that believes DC should remain poor and black forever and that anybody who is not poor and black does not deserve to be here. Dog park, nay, build a parking lot for hobos to hang out in. Community bar/restaurant, nay, build a section 8 housing complex to setup a gang HQ from which to terrorize the neighborhood... Go away William Jordan - move to Balitmore or something.

  8. I agree ... I left one of the Columbia Heights listserves because of his CONSTANT rants!!! THis guy needs to get a life and get off the blogs .... ban him from every blog and listserve .... unfortunately the Moderator of that listserve loved him and let him rant on

  9. William Jordan has been a well-know neighborhood crank for years. He has been against every improvement to Columbia Heights over the past ten years. He is a racist, and basically opposes anthing he perceives to be "for white people." He likes Columbia Heights to be dirty, a haven for crime and thuggery, graffiti, and public urination. Everyone should simply ignore him.

  10. When he was on the ANC he made a routine a$$ out of himself, turning informative meetings into hooligan dope shows.

  11. The toxicity of that chain almost had me leaving the listserve. Thankfully it has calmed down again.
    Just a few days before all that began I had posted the exact same problem here:
    It automatically notifies a bunch of local authorities and I've had good luck getting traffic issues fixed in the past. This problem, however, seems to be one without any jurisdiction so it seems possible that no one will take charge of fixing the issue besides good neighbors.


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