Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Greater Greater Washington calls Irving "unofficial dog latrine"

First saw this Greater Greater Washington post and I thought, "What, dogs pee on the sidewalk? Yes, and?" But then I read more and thought they had a valid point. 

Basically, there isn't much green space around the Highland Park building, so dog owners are taking their dogs to a couple small tree boxes for them to do their business. That's a lot of pee and poop in a small area, and some is getting on the sidewalk.

What's the solution? More dog parks? Where? Who builds them, the city or apartment buildings? 

One person says they take their pet to a grassy area outside the Columbia Heights Education Campus, and the rest of the commenters pillory them for that.


  1. The dog park should be a part of Highland Park's Green Roof.

    W Jordan

  2. LikesDogsButNotDogOwnersFebruary 2, 2011 at 7:22 AM

    Right on Anonymous! Why should the needs of the residents of this building for fawning companionship be everyone else's problem?

  3. LikesDogsButNotDogOwnersFebruary 2, 2011 at 7:27 AM

    Beyond that, when people with kids move into a neighborhood they check out its suitability beforehand, right? Why wouldn't a responsible dog owner do the same?

  4. What is the problem with dogs peeing on the sidewalk? IMO human spit is far more disgusting, and I see that more often

  5. I see nothing wrong with using the parts of the Columbia Heights education campus that the students don't walk on, like the fence and the loading dock. And seriously, what is the problem with dogs peeing on the sidewalk? No one is eating off of the sidewalk, and dog pee plays a negligible role in maintenance/upkeep costs.

  6. "What's wrong with dog pee?"

    -Tom Veil

  7. Or, SHOCKER, the owners could just pick up their pet excrement. How is this even a discussion?


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