Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Giant self check-out lanes open 24 hours & booze until midnight, starting today?

Got this note from a reader. I'm not around, but if someone goes, please let us know in the comments if it's accurate!
According to the self-checkout cashier the CH Giant is open 24 hours starting tonight.  That might make it the only 24 hour supermarket in the city.

Is also might be the only place one can buy beer/wine until midnight.
If true, both parts are great news!


  1. Wow. I would certainly not be opposed to the occasional grocery binge at 3:00AM if it means I avoid the lines that stretch all the way to the meat display.

  2. The same cashier said the Shaw Giant would be closing during renovations.

  3. how is selling alcohol after 10pm legal?

  4. The Safeway in Georgetown at 1855 Wisconsin Avenue, NW is open 24 hours.

  5. The 10PM law allows for exemptions until 12. I am not sure what the conditions are for getting one, but Giant isn't the only store that sells until midnight.

    CH Giant being open 24 hours sounds like shoplift-o-rama. I see people literally walk through the checkout with unpaid for stuff in their cart all the time, the cashiers don't give a crap.

  6. So... is it true? Does anyone know?


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