Monday, February 28, 2011

Don't forget! ANC1A11 special election tonight: Gavin Holland vs Dotti Love Wade

If you live in ANC1A11 (see the map above) you have an election tonight. Gavin Holland ran as a write-in in the general election and basically won -- the only person on the ballot got more votes but had dropped out before the election, but not early enough to take her name off the ballot.  

Holland is up against former school board member Dotti Love Wade. I endorsed Holland before. Here's a letter he wrote about why you should vote for him.

The polling place is the Social Room at Columbia Heights Village, 2900 14th Street from 6-8 pm.

Go vote! Do your civic duty.

UPDATE: Here's a picture of Dottie Love Wade's flyer, which says "RE-ELECT." Pretty disingenuous since she hasn't been an ANC commissioner since 2008.


  1. so i am south of irving north of columbia but on the east side of 11th. It looks like could be in either district? if the blue line is over your house are you in?

  2. Then I think you are 1A10. The lines mostly follow the middle of streets.

  3. Got a flyer on our step today from Dotti Love Wade in this race. Seems to me she needs to show a little honesty. The flyer clearly states: RE-ELECT Dotti Love Wade. Hmm??

  4. Anon, do you have a picture of that? Can you send it to me?

  5. To clarify: the last person to hold that seat was Sandra Scottland, who was elected in a special election.

    In the 2008 election Wade was elected to both ANC1A11 and the school board, and resigned from ANC1A11 to serve on the school board. So she hasn't been on the ANC (I believe) since 2008.

  6. Dotti Love Wade was the winner of last nights special election to fill the vacancy for SMD 1A11. The next meeting of ANC 1A is 7:00PM on March 9th at Harriet Tubman Elementary School.

    William "Bill" Brown
    Chair, ANC 1A


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